O S T E O P A T H I C  M A N I P U L A T I O N

 Welcome to our practice.

Traditional Osteopathic Medicine
Since the late 1800s Osteopathic physicians promote a holistic approach to patient care. The focus of Dr. Baker's Osteopathic treatment is hands-on, utilizing musculoskeletal alignment techniques.The techniques are based on a thorough knowledge of functional anatomy and physiology, avoiding over-dependence on pharmaceutical and surgical treatments.
The philosophy of providing patient-centered health care, preventive and holistic is central to Dr. Leigh Baker's Osteopathic practice. Dr. Baker utilizes the full spectrum of available medical technology for diagnosis and treatment.

For Children & Adults with:
 Back & Neck Pain
   Migraine & Tension
 Joint Pain

For Infants with:
 Ear Infections
 Abnormal Head Shape
 Sleep Issues
 Breast-feeding Difficulties

For Pregnant Women with:
 Back Pain
 Ligament Pain
 Prepare the pelvis for delivery
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